Poema | 17.05.2017

when i was little as a pea
before having a name,
i had a gender

the ovum from my mother
the sperm from my father
the glass from my brother’s memories
they gave me life

Of everything else i get a pronoun
which was a crib, a bed and a deathbed

i used to dance in the air
i used to write my name in the walls
i used to be “anotherself”

can they listen to my music
inside my headphones?
everyone in the bus is inside my brain
does that man think I’m gay?

i have to be a quiet machine
i have to be like a shadow
the shadow that I became

you can’t see me
jennifer espinoza can’t see me
my mother can’t see me
myself can’t see me

my cis friends couldn’t see me
even if i was bringing my veins in my hands.

if only you were different
i wish I were different

– Cy

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